Lahmu is a security platform that collects and stores data from various internal and external sources with a limitless integration ability where it detects the faults or unwanted behaviour which can lead to cyber – attack using Artificial Intelligence techniques. Lahmu differs from other security systems and platforms with its uniques features such as

  • Ability to connect both with network systems and applications on the same level
  • Integrate both via common standard API’s / tools and also connector’s own probes
  • Ability to collect and analyze data in real time needs
  • Easy to implement and easy to use

For Cyber Security Operations;

Lahmu can connect with virtually any data source whether structured, unstructured or streaming. With its pluggable connector architecture, the platform can plug in real time, near real time and windowed sources easily. From IoT devices to chat logs, from sensors to server logs wide range of sources can be ingested easily and made available to the analysis engine.

Lahmu can develop massively parallel Complex Event Processing (CEP) pipelines easily. Range of different analytics options are available from statistical methods to the newest deep learning algorithms on different deep learning frameworks such as Tensorflow, Caffee, Thorch, Theano and MXNet.

With a wide range of integration capability, and limitless log analyzing abilities Lahmu provides easy to implement and easy to use platform for Cyber Security Operators for ;

  • Ingesting Logs
  • Alerts
  • Investigating Evidence
  • Establishing Timelines
  • Analyzing
  • Repsonding
  • Reporting

Ensuring that the right person receives the right information at the right time is vital for incident response. LAHMU provides your security team with powerful case management capabilities that enable in-platform notifications and information sharing.

Lahmu provides investigation whenever an alert occurs when it detects auspicious event or activity it automatically invokes invesgtigation path workflows and also reduces the time for resolving such alerts.