Privacy Policy

In addition to the information that Spp42 must obligatorily receive from its users and customers within the framework of the relevant legislation, it only collects information that it considers necessary in order to provide the best service and product it aims to provide.

As SPP42, our basic approach is to use the collected customer and user information in line with confidentiality, security and customer requests.

User information is confidential within the security conditions provided in SPP42 and SPP42 employees and officers have access to such customer information regulated by SPP42 Security Policies; user information cannot be shared with any person or institution except for the obligation cases specified in the legislation.

In the services received from outside, there is a clause on the confidentiality of customer information in the contracts signed with the organizations from which the service is received and the organizations and their employees are required to comply with the confidentiality and confidentiality rules determined within the framework of SPP42 Security Policies.

SPP42 respects your trust, provided that it ensures the confidentiality of user information within the framework of the relevant legislation.