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Experience the faster , unified, AI powered Next Generation Cyber Security Analyze Platform


Lahmu provides high scalibility with a wide range of integrations and automation packs can be used right out of the box or configured easily to customers needs.


Lahmu collects and stores all the security data ( logs) both in a central point such as IPSs, firewalls, DLP tools , antimalware, etc and also from external apps or a broader range of sources such as applications, IoTs and SSL certificate chain data.


Users may perform their own integration collectors, playbooks, algorithms and system requirements easily.

Ease of deployment, administration, and Maintenance

Lahmu don’t require much human resourse as it focuses more on automation which would further reduce the time and resources taken by the human resource to complete task

Enhanced Security

Lahmu protects proactively in the face of greater threat complexity and larger attack surfaces, with a security team of any size.


Designed as state – of art for security analysts, AI powered Lahmu serves guidance based on past incidents and analyst actions.